Episode 015- Battle by Boat

Our heroes square off with the Goliath King and his last round of minions. The Goliath King, Rokus, stands a head taller than the rest and wears a fierce set of plate armor, adorned with a terrifying helm made from the skull of some terrible beast.

The battle ensues, and the Goliaths attempt to strand our heroes in the water with the “bug beasts” by extinguishing as many torches as they can. Xaeryn is able to use his teleportation “letter opener” to pursue the King, and they square off in combat.

After dispatching their foes, they make their way to the slave ship, which is packed full of evil beasts that- while they are still restrained in cages- have been fed the remaining crew, spare one child. He tells our heroes that they had been captured and kept on an island, and that the Goliaths had recently purchased them.

Determining that these beasts will bring nothing but death and chaos, the heroes scoop up the young one and leave- leaving the ship to burn as they clear the scene.

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