Episode 016- The Cursed Helm

The heroes press north and make their way to the Port Town of Wyrwal where they encounter the Legion presence. They look like they’re lined up, waiting for an encounter. They speak with Patrokolos, who notifies them that they’ve been conducting searches, and they’ve found Hanley tied up on the Clara Fanta. They’ve apprehended Hanley, as well as Harvey- who assaulted a guard.

Patrokolos seems particularly interested in the Cursed Helm that Xaeryn has collected, and they negotiate an exchange- he gets the helm, the party gets Hanley and Harvey back.

As the helm exchanges hands, it comes close to one of the Titans- and causes it to go berserk and start attacking!

The battle ensues with substantial collateral damage. The heroes are able to stop him before he causes too much harm. Patrokolos confesses that the Legion has found a way to possess “Lesser” creatures with the souls and spirits of fallen warriors- effectively, creating supernatural tanks.

They part ways, and the heroes make their way back to the Hub. Kujo pays out the heroes and makes arrangements for those that have been rescued to start a new life (being VERY generous here… not quite how it played out, -Ed).

Kujo alludes to one final mission to put an end to the Daerdahk/Arcos skirmish- and a prize to cap it off, part of the East Wing of the Hub!

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