Episode 017 - A Leap of Faith

Kujo makes the team aware of an Arcos funeral for Rector Corrin Fallon, their main leader, tonight along the coastline. In a situation like this, it is known that the Arcos will announce their new leader- but the Daerdahk see this as an opportunity to put an end to their rivals! The Hub needs the likely heir to the “throne” Simon Horiss to survive any attacks- their logic is that the Arcos are more manageable to work with and keep the rest of the Plague in check.

The adventure doesn’t begin, of course, until the trio make their way down to Olmstice’s Antiquities!

After getting their gear, they head West to the Ash Cliffs, the preferred crematory site of mourners all across Enervus. There seems to be no major cover, just a wide open meadow leading up to the edge of the cliffs. There are already mourners showing up to assemble the funeral pyre- this is sure to be a well-attended observance.

As the ceremony ensues, Xaeryn dons the disguise of the VIP- Simon Horiss- and confronts him, informing him that his life is in danger. Stone dons the disguise of a mourner- and, as the fates should have it, is prompted to try his hand at public speaking. Vanya, back by the road on overwatch, notices that a set of wagons is coming in HOT.

Fearing the worst, Vanya makes a well-placed shot on the lead horse- causing the wagon it was pulling to flip end over end, and a MASSIVE explosion goes off! The tailing wagon stops and a team of Daerdahk assassins leap out. The battle ensues!

The heroes are able to repel the attack and Stone makes a very… bold…. decision as to how he will dispatch the last foe.

Post credits-

Baron Liam, Olen, and their Titan show up on a distant island where they are greeted by a beautiful woman- Olen’s fiancé. A conversation exchanges- and it appears as though she and Liam have both had significant losses by the hands of the Plague- and the Hub. They both vow to put an end to this scourge!

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