Episode 013 - The Prison Camp

Our heroes are commissioned to go investigate/put an end to the Goliath slave trade, once and for all. There’s been a report of a prison camp down south along the coastline.

As they’re preparing to leave, Verik, their gnomish brewmaster friend, learns of their intentions. He warns them that he had overheard some information while he was on Red Root- they were going to be dealing with a much more dire situation than they have previously. He also mentioned that the Goliaths believed that the Hub had been kidnapping Goliath younglings to sell off to the Legion, and they wanted retribution.

As the heroes head south, they come up on the Port Town of Wyrwal where they notice an increase in the Legion presence. There had been more officers than normal after the Clara Maria had been burnt down, but there were even more foot soldiers now along with several Titans- giant, hulking troops completely armor clad head to toe. Even their helms completely obscure the face- the only openings are holes around the mouth for breathing.

They ask a hard young half-orc what’s going on, and he mentions that there’s been an uptick in Daerdahk/Arcos violence over the last few days- the Legion are there to keep the peace. He starts to recognize the trio from the infamous incident involving the Clara Maria- but they take their leave before he can identify anyone as the culprits.

After some time, the three come up on the Forgotten Shores. Here, due to shifts in the landscape, the waters have receded hundreds of yards away from the coastline, creating a deserted wasteland stemming from the road. At some point they notice the structure serving as the Prison Camp- in true Goliath fashion, they’ve found a random rock formation to setup their base in- this time, they’ve wrapped the surrounding rocks with ropes and camouflage strips to obscure it from the road.

As the heroes press up to it, they see that the Goliaths are creating a torchlit path from their camp to a boat that has beached itself hundreds of yards out on a sandbar. There’s a horseshoe shaped arrangement of cages that have various beasts- mostly, insect like in nature, along with what looks to be a couple of near-death captives.

After gaining access to the camp, Xaeryn is able to free the two captives, each marked with the runic “E”- but at the last second, one of the Goliaths out in the water hears them- will the heroes be found out?

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