Episode 001 - What's in the Craaate?!

Our adventure begins! In the world of Enervus, a trio of hired hands must stop a shipment from arriving at the local port. But wait! Something is amiss.. Tune in for this debut episode of Myths and Mystics!!

Stone, the Human Mystic- played by Matt Murphy

Vanya, the half-Drow Assassin, played by Natasha Waldrop

Xaeryn, the Changeling Avenger, played by Gerald Waldrop

Our three heroes embark on the first mission of this campaign- a seemingly simple setup, they must stop a ship from offloading its cargo and make sure the crew understands that they’re not welcome there.

The ship is docking in the Port Town of Wyrwal, the largest and busiest port on the west coast of Enervus. The docks are closed at night, and naturally, this is when the shipment is to arrive. As our heroes investigate the scene, it is clear that there is a Goliath assaulting one of the dock hands as he and his crew offload the boat.

While Stone and Xaeryn confront the Goliath, Vanya slips into the shadows and discovers that the crates are packed full of alcohol. Alcohol is readily available across Enervus, but it is taxed by the Legion and regulated by the Hub. This much of an illicit substance is troubling- this means there is a major bootlegging operation going on.

As she is investigating, one of the crew members finds her- and before any alarm can be raised, she stealthily dispatches the foe… then dismembers him to fit him in the crate. THIS should send the message loud and clear that this cargo isn’t welcome in the port.

As the negotiation presses on with the Goliath, he realizes that this operation isn’t worth the trouble, and goes to leave. As he does, the rest of the crew leaves the ship, hands raised. They’re Firbolgs, enslaved by the Goliaths. Learning this, Xaeryn dispatches justice in the form of a sacred ritual- apprehending the Goliath, hanging him by his feet upside down, nailing an ancient parchment to his chest, and draining his blood on the street below. Stone makes quick work to set the ship ablaze, and the three make their way back to their boat to escape relatively unnoticed.

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