Episode 002 - For Justice!

The crew discovers the dark story behind their new companion and set sail to a place known as DEEP ROCK- will they be able to vanquish the evil that lay within?

Xaeryn, Vanya, and Stone learn from one of the Firbolgs, Aikon, that there are children still held prisoner at a place known as DEEP ROCK. They all board their ship with Harvey, the Kenku (Bird man), and sail West to find this place.

It turns out that Deep Rock is a man-made island nestled in-between large rock formations that jut out of the ocean. The Goliaths effectively anchored a boat off in the middle and then built a network of planks off of it connecting to the other rocks. A giant canvas covers the top, almost like a circus tent, starting from the center ship’s mast and networking around the island.

The trio stealthily take out the guard on the dock as well as the guard dog, then make their way into the ship in the center. They find a manifest along with some other items (namely, jerky), and free the children that were imprisoned onboard.

They then make their way out of there and head back to the Hub for more work.

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