Episode 003 - The Setup and the Execution

Our adventurers regroup at the Hub- their home base for acquiring more work- and take on their next mission, a hit job on one of the factions in the area! Will they be able to do so undetected so as to not alert the Legion?

If the adventurers succeed, the Hub's name will be cleared- if they fail, who knows what evil will seek vengeance on them?

A quick recap with Kujo to collect gold and the highly coveted King’s Notes and then the trio are off to meet up with Olmstice, dealer of antiquities! King’s Notes are special commendations given on behalf of The King (the leader of the Hub) and function as their own sort of currency.

Olmstice has a variety of wares available, but due to contract negotiations with the Hub, he is not allowed to sell weapons. He does have a vast array of cloaks, rings, potions, and assorted trinkets that all offer their own advantages in the field.

After spending some gold, he walks them over to a secret room, hidden behind a panel in the hallway of the Hub. Olmstice collects King’s Notes and is willing to trade magical wares for them. Stone walks away with the Cronos Orb- a time-defying object that will summon yourself from the future for one round of combat, essentially doubling your action. Xaeryn receives a leather pouch with a small book inside- when the book is unfolded, it creates a dimensional doorway to a Pocket Bar, allowing the heroes to slip away to a quiet safe haven and enjoy a cold beverage.

After squaring away with Olmstice, they return to Kujo to receive their next mission. Apparently, there is suspicion that the Hub was setup by the Arcos family to take out their rival’s (the Daerdahk) booze shipment. In order to clear the Hub’s name, the trio have been tasked with “Sending a message” to Hanley, a bookie known to fraternize with the Daerdahk, but to do so under the guise of the Arcos. They are to leave a small pendant of the Arcos “A” on his fencepost.

However, they must remain anonymous, as Hanley also does business with the Legion. If they’re found out, then it’s possible that the Legion will get involved.

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