Episode 004 - The hit on Hanley

What started as a simple hit has turned complicated- fast. Our heroes will have to make some big decisions- stick to the plan, or prevent a possible civil war?

Upon further discussion with Hanley, it turns out that he is inadvertently in the center of a dangerous game. Being that he handles the exchange of all the gold circulating around the prize fights that go on at the Hindered Narwhal, he’s found an opportunity to invest the gold for short term games with an illegal bootlegging operation. Given that there is a major prize fight tonight between the reigning champ, Kelik, and the contender, Rip, there is exponentially more gold in his hands. Effectively, he has a three day window to deliver the gold where it needs to go, and that’s enough time for the largest bootlegging shipment in recent history to come through the port.

The only problem is, our fearless heroes burnt down the shipment… and none of the other shipments have come in because of it.

Effectively, if the booze isn’t recovered, the Daerdahk will be rampant in the streets, looking for revenge against the Arcos- and possibly the Legion. The Legion, who has entrusted the Hub with regulating all hooch trade, will be at odds with them. If, at a minimum, the gold isn’t redistributed to the winner’s of the fight, there will be a bit of a mutiny.

Hanley’s plan is to delay the fight; if it’s delayed, that gives them enough time to get at least one of the shipments in, and then he can get a hefty payment in gold. This appeases the Daerdahk as well as all parties involved in the gambling ring- which includes the Legion.

The heroes, with much hesitation, agree to assist Hanley in delaying the fight. They make their way to the Hindered Narwhal where Vanya decides to preoccupy Rip while Stone, Xaeryn, and Hanley make their way inside to work an angle on Kelik.

We also find out that Stone is a MAJOR Kelik fan.

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