Episode 005 - We Didn't Start the Fire

Tonight's prize fight carries the fate of Enervus on it's shoulders- and nobody seems to know except our adventurers! Will they be able to accomplish their mission and prevent certain doom?

Vanya gets to work “distracting” Rip in his carriage while Xaeryn dons the disguise of one of Kelik’s groupies. Simultaneously…

Stone takes a chance on igniting the fighter’s ring outside, and it seems to be incredibly effective! The ring announcer states that the only way the match can go on tonight is if the fighters agree to duke it out in a different area

Xaeryn successfully gets Kelik in his room, alone. What could have turned into a compromising situation leads to the perfect opportunity for Xaeryn to hip-toss the massive Dragonborn out the second story window, sending Kelik crashing through Rip’s trailer below.

Rip had been divulging how he has a ritual that he has to do before every fight- and that his city was counting on him to eliminate the Daerdahk’s prize fighter. Not long after, the behemoth, Kelik, comes crashing through the ceiling, rendering both fighters unconscious.

Vanya sees this as an opportunity to dispatch both- with her signature dagger through the roof of the mouth. She also uses this as an opportune time to carve the Arcos “A” in both of their chests, pinning the assassinations on the Arcos.

In all of the commotion, Hanley and Stone make their way through the bar and lock eyes with Baron Liam- and his personal security detail, a 7’ tall hulking figure known as a “Titan”, completely clad in plate armor. Liam sees Hanley, and given the amount of gold he has wagered on the fight, tries to make his way through the crowd to catch up with him. Stone and Hanley make their escape.

The trio catches up outside and disappear into the night. Hanley seems pleased with the outcome- not knowing that both fighters were killed. He convinces the trio that the last piece of this is to get the hooch trade going again, and that they would need to get one of the boats back in port immediately. The three set off for Deep Rock to find the second shipment.

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