Episode 006 - The Battle for Deep Rock

The adventurers set out to settle the score at Deep Rock- but a hidden danger lurks below! Will they be able to finish off the threat and get the delivery back to shore before it's too late?

We open up with a scene unfolding- Hanley had made arrangements for a cart to come by and pick up their illegal hooch shipment, but it seems as though the Legion has grown wise to the operation that’s going on.


The three make their way into Deep Rock and determine that there’s no clean way to steal the second hooch shipment, they’re going to have to confront the remaining Goliaths.

In the party’s first major battle, they also encounter an unexpected combatant- a giant shark that comes crashing through the planks below! A fire erupts, and they make their way to the Clara Fanta to escape back to the Port Town of Wyrwal.

Upon return, the party is greeted by the Legion, abruptly halting their plan!

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