Episode 007- A deal with the Devils

Our heroes find themselves in a bit of a stand-off with the law; now that they know how many lives are at risk and how much gold is at stake, will they be able to retrieve the treasure before it's too late?

The Legion have abruptly stopped our heroes and their leader, Patrokolos, doesn’t seem to buy their story. After Xaeryn supplies him with the information that the trio has uncovered over the last 24 hours. Patrokolos, seeing that there are a number of events that have unfolded recently, decides to offer some additional information.

Patroklos states that there is a fair amount of gold that has gone missing from the Legion City of Orin’s treasury after Hanley admits that there’s at least 9-10 more shipments coming in. Xaeryn offers to investigate the operation alleged to be based out of “Red Root”; Patrokolos accepts to keep the Legion isolated from the endeavor.

In a bit of a montage, the trio goes back to the Hub to get their notes in order to determine the location of Red Root. They determine that the code inscribed in the manifests is leading to a coordinates that their boat captain Harvey might be able to help with.

After some time, their boat comes into view of what can be none other than Red Root.

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