Episode 008 - The Red Root Infiltration

Our adventurers must infiltrate the treacherous "Red Root" sea base to free the slaves from a band of evil Goliath slavers! Will the prevail or become enslaved themselves?

The trio decide to infiltrate Red Root with Xaeryn shapeshifting into the form of a Goliath. They successfully dupe the others and make their way onto the island.

The island is an even larger man-made island comprised of ships anchored to rock formations with a vast network of planks and platforms connecting everything. A massive towering rock formation has a lighthouse crowning its top.

As they make their way around the island, they determine that there is a loading area, a number of pavilions with cargo waiting to be shipped, and on the eastern-most point, there’s a brewing operation in an old ship.

Vanya befriends a Tiefling by the name of Amos who highlights the dangers on the island, stating that the Goliath’s hang out in the lighthouse up above. He also states that his romantic interest, Chandra, is being held captive up there.

Stone channels his psyonic energy into a few gold coins that is given to the Goliaths to put in with the rest of the gold reserve. He’s able to see, from the gold’s point of view, the details of the lighthouse. The gold is being kept in a safe with a combination lock.

Xaeryn encounters Verik, the gnomish brewmaster. It turns out that this solitary soul is responsible for the numerous batches of hooch that are being shipped out. A plan is hatched- get Verik out of there, and set the brew boat on fire! Verik climbs into the pocket bar, and Amos sets the boat ablaze!

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