Episode 009 - Freeeeeeedommmmm!!!

The trio puts their plan into action to try and free the slaves and recover the gold from the evil Goliaths who inhabit Red Root. Will they be able to disrupt the operation and escape with their lives?

Editor’s Note- This was originally going to be the end of “Season One”- I even say it’s the end of season one at the tail end of the episode- but we determined after the fact that we would finish out some of the loose ends of the campaign before jumping into season two, which will also mark our start on twitch.

The heroes’ plan seems to be coming to its apex- the brew boat is set ablaze, and the Goliaths and slaves rush to put it out.

Given the opportunity, the trio make their way up to the lighthouse. Xaeryn fools the Goliath leader, Turk, into believing that the Legion is attacking, and he gives the order to scatter the ships.

A battle ensues, and Stone is able to secure the gold. Xaeryn hangs Turk upside down and performs his ritual of bloodletting. Vanya and Amos make their way over to a locked door, and she successfully picks the lock. As it opens, a seemingly lifeless Chandra lays on the floor.

Xaeryn is able to resuscitate her. Stone hears a bell ringing from below, and it turns out that Harvey has brought the boat around the island and has it waiting down below. Vanya affixes a rope and they make their escape- not before Xaeryn drags the Goliath leader out, tossing his corpse down to the deck below, declaring the slaves’ freedom.

Upon returning to the Port Town of Wyrwal, the heroes are greeted by Patrokolos. He is glad to hear that the bootlegging operation has been shut down, but there is a disparity in the amount of gold that should have been collected. Xaeryn hands over the 3,000 gold to appease the Legion. He also mentions that Baron Liam has some level of diplomatic immunity and the Legion is refusing to allow him to investigate Liam’s involvement with the hooch trade.

The trio make their way into the woods to find Baron Liam’s stronghold. They finally find it, and it’s deserted. With a little bit of investigation, Stone discovers what looks like some kind of receipt for safe passage. When Stone walks into the main room of the stronghold, he sees a giant painting that triggers a vision.

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