Episode 010 - Kill The Beast!

The trio is tasked with hunting down a creature known for terrorizing the local towns. It’s kill or be killed in this week’s episode! Will the adventurers be able to slay the beast before it can cause more harm?

The opening scene shows a panther-like Tabaxi assassinating two characters; the leader of the Arcos, Rector Corrin Fallon, and his wife. He announces, through clenched teeth, the mantra of the Assassin’s Guild- “For my brother- for my brother, ‘Most souls rest within their graves, yours will burn in Heaven’s Shade!'“

Stone comes to, as he has been unconscious for a couple days. During that time, Xaeryn and Vanya have assisted the Hub as well as the Legion with eliminating the skirmishes that have been going on between the Arcos and Daerdahk in the streets. Patrokolos has been negotiating with the Hub to maintain relations, but some things have to be taken care of; chiefly, he wants Hanley turned over by nightfall- if Hanley isn’t turned over, he will have the trio arrested.

It is also revealed that both of the prize fighters, Kelik and Rip, were assassinated; and Vanya admits that she did it, much to Xaeryn’s dismay.

Regardless, they must put their differences aside as they have a new mission- a ferocious beast has destroyed the town of Songmeadow. The Hub had sent out three Hunters to eliminate the threat, but there’s been no sign of their success. Upon arrival they begin their investigation and find a woman stuck in a well. After healing her and sending her on her way, Stone discovers that the beast that fell in with her is the same as the beasts that were in his vision.

The three make their way into the woods- where they see one of the beasts off in the distance. As they ready their attack, they’re ambushed by another!

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