Episode 011 - Bloody Leaves

The heroes make their way over bloody leaves and scraps of ripped cloth as the white furred beasts close in. The battle intensifies as a threat lingers in the woods.  

Will the trio get the best of the beasts and find the answer they seek?

The episode begins somewhere far away from where our heroes currently are… in fact, not just far away, but a couple days before. A black, panther like figure consoles a grayish mountain lion-esque Tabaxi. He places a red coin, infused with some arcane magic, to his brother Rip’s forehead- and for a brief moment, is able to communicate with his lost brother. He simply asks who is responsible- and he leaves with the name, “Vanya”.

A battle ensues between our heroes and the beasts they’ve been tracking. After the dust settles, they hear more howling in the distance. They find remains of the hunters that the Hub had sent out previously.

Through a clearing, there’s another meadow that runs up to a large rock formation, with a deep cavern below. Another battle with a much larger version of the beast unfolds. After slaying it, the trio investigate the cavern to find that there is a chained up youngling beast that has been mangled, but apparently the adults were trying to feed it. They find the second hunter in a pile of bodies.

With a little further investigation, Stone finds that they’ve been branded with a runic looking “E”.

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