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Hail, and well met! We are Myths & Mystics


Welcome to Myths & Mystics- we are an Actual Play Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons Podcast!

Our campaign is set in the land of Enervus- a vibrant continent that has been plagued with bandits, slave traders, and thieves as much as it’s seen prosperity, growth, and enlightenment. The Legion is the rule of law, but without the Hub operating on the fringe, the evil lurking in the shadows of society would go unregulated.

Join our heroes- Heroes? Yes, we’ll call them that- Stone, Vanya, and Xaeryn- as they navigate their way through the morally ambiguous landscape that is their world!

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Three adventurers brought together in a twist of fate- how will they change the world around them?


Thanks for taking time to come visit the site- we will update regularly with new behind the scenes photos, illustrations, in-game props, and lore.

We’d love to hear from you- hit us up @mythsandmystics or at! Thanks for listening!


Much love,

Myths & Mystics