Backstory- Stone

D&D Character Backstory

“Stone” - Human Mystic Immortal

I led a typical life as the son of a blacksmith named Rhoden and his wife Letheria, that is, until one fateful day. You see, I was a perfectly happy adolescent boy helping with the forge as most blacksmiths’ sons are expected. But this day, I was angry. Angry about a boy who stole the love of my life from me. I pounded with all of my might on the iron form in my hands. Deep inside, I wanted him dead. I beat the metal into submission. I wanted to make an example of him, painting the town red with his blood. I ignored the plans for the hot metal I was working and found myself creating a sharp hammer to pummel his head into I pictured the metal in its final form as an artisan does, when through no physical contact, it began to shift and form towards the final object I desired to forge it into! For a fleeting moment, I felt as though I could transform this metal with only my thoughts! I was elated yet terrified! I turned to shout to my father when all of a sudden I had a vision.. A vision as real as the heat on my face and the hate in my heart.. A vision of a far away evil. It called to me. I could feel it’s power pulling deep in my mind. I could see it sucking in energy around it, like a whirlpool in the cosmos, growing larger moment by moment. It turned and looked me in the eyes, and *poof*. I found myself back in the forge, lying on my back with searing pain on my arm. My father helped me from the ground, blistered burns from the hot iron that I dropped on myself as I fell. I knew, without doubt, that it was no “dream”. I had transported my mind to a very real place with a very real evil. This magical moment changed everything.

It was.. my awakening.

I spent years trying to understand it and to hone it. I implored the Spectral Hand, but they were of no use. I tried to find understanding with those of the Astral Chamber, but to no avail. They did not understand the nature of my power... my own MIND.. I tired of the doubters and nay-sayers, but heard rumor of one in the mountains that was able to harness his mind to perform incredible feats. I went to him and saw what he could do. He was cautious yet optimistic that I may be able to learn his craft and I begged him to teach me.

My mentor, Wikitur and I spent decades in quiet solitude in those mountains. Hours a day were spent in isolation and meditation, exploring our minds and honing the power that he helped unlock within me. He trained me in the disciplines he called “The Order of the Immortal”. He helped me overcome my hateful heart through studying the reverence of life. However, he taught me to use my mental strength to become a mighty warrior.. We studied physical and mystical battle, training our minds’ energy to overcome foes and protect ourselves and hopefully others. We are the final word. We shall not fall on the battlefield. We will protect those that need our might. - Once Wikitur felt my training was complete, he sent me back to the world to use my powers for good. To help those that need a protector.

Several months after I came to Orin, I heard of a horrific scene where an evil scourge of a  man was murdered and displayed in the center of town with his skin removed. A note was nailed to his chest reading “He was warned, now you all are.”. I had to know who did this. I had to discover this hidden artist in our midst. This grotesque yet beautiful display as a warning to evildoers set a surge of inspiration through my core. I had to join him. I was able to use my mystical energy to find him, a man called “Xaeryn”. Though he was paranoid and hesitant at first, we became fast friends and he allowed me to stand watch while he practiced his art on enemies of this world. In time, our trust in each other grew and we now complete many contracted jobs from the Hub together, in a form of symbiotic relationship. I help him find his targets, he helps the world become a better place, which in turn may help to keep that great evil at bay. I can’t be sure that will help but I must try to prevent it from coming here to this world in any way I know how. Killing the evil of this world may begin to starve it for a foothold, but I may be talking nonsense.

Who’s to know? Only time will tell.

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