Backstory- Vanya


I have been told the stories of power the drow once held. 

Studied it.

Felt the loss within my family. 

Those who remember the days of power mourn its passing. Sometimes in sadness mostly in anger. 

All young drow must learn the mistakes that were made before them.  

I was used as example during these lessons-am still any time the occasion rises.  A half drow half elf mix despised by full born drow.  Considered unworthy, disgusting, useless. Many would like to see me fail or better yet die at the hands of the true drow. 

My family endured much to keep in the community.

My mother tells me that we all learn from our mistakes and the mistake that I am can be the upbringing of our kind. 

Regardless of the seed given to make me I am still a female drow.  Which means I still have purpose.  There is a reason out of all those my mother chose that I am the one that took. 

She still looks at more scornfully and blames me for our misfortune. 

They are all wrong.  I am not a mistake and I will do anything to prove I am more than equal.

It was not long ago that we-the drow- were feared among the races. We had domain over the underground. Now we blend in to a world full of creatures and the word drow no longer evokes fear. 

But we will be known again. 

When the words drow are spoken a silence will fall in hopes to hear us coming before we strike. 

And if its not the drow that regains power it will be me. 

I have trained in Heavens Shade to learn the secrets of an assassin. I have had time to prefect the skills of silence. My slender drow frame being an advantage.  I was pleasantly surprised to see myself transform into a sleek toned female figure after months of training in the arts of stealth.   

Heavens Shade has taught me all it can and can no longer further my mission. 

Therefore I move onto The Hub. 

The Hub will give me access to bigger areas and targets.  Let me see how others work so I can determine weakness in those I must overcome. 

I will come to know my enemies and the cities they live in. I will find where fear sleeps and awake it within all. 

My face may seem soft at first sight-trusting a little naive. But woe to those who see me pull my black balaclava over my face.  The last they will see is my determination glaring intensely from my eyes as my weapon finds its mark.

My cross bow and daggers are always with me as I travel.  Even on the missions provided I never know when an opportunity will strike to further our notoriety.   

My enemies won’t see me coming as I sneak in by shadow but when they are found lifeless there will be no doubt I was there.  For I leave them with the Kiss of Death a mark from my lips to to seal their fate. 


Soft feminine face with a strong brow and eyes showing intensity and determination.

Fit and Slender like a drow 

Long white hair with a section pulled back in a braid from the front to keep most of it out of her face with a few strands left loose to frame her face. 

She wears a black balcalva around her neck to cover her face and has a black hood she can pull up for more aninimity. 

Her soft red leather armor conforms to the curves of her body and tails down the back.  A belt sits at the top of her hips with another belt that secures a pouch drapes over them as well.  She has a line of daggers strapped to her thigh.   Her boots come above her knees with thigh high leggings underneath. 

personality trait: flattery is my preferred trick for getting what I want 

bond: I would do anything for my family/name/house

ideal: I hope to one day rise to the top of my profession/name/house

Flaw: I’ll do anything to gain power 

willing to sacrifice short term setbacks for long term gains

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