Xaeryn's backstory

“He felt the presence before he could see, or even hear it - It started like cold water being poured down his back, and seeping into his blood, growing colder with each moment.  It may have been a second or an hour until he felt frozen in place, finally numb to everything but the wrenching terror left in is stomach.   Something deep within, something primal screamed at him to stay still... Staying perfectly still was the only way to survive.. but his eyes betrayed him as they shifted toward the movement at the door.  The figure was silhouetted from the streetlight behind him, the width of its armored form taking most of the width of the door - a menacing enough sight in itself.   Until eyes caught something demanding his attention even more.  Something less natural to his eyes - whose gaze moved upward, above the shoulders, and atop the head. There stayed a large ring slightly smaller than the head itself, sitting like a halo atop what appeared to be horns that sprung form the forefront of its head, a hands width above candlelight dancing in its eyes.  
As the figured started forward, it moved with the ease of a ghost, floating over ground rather than being bound by it.  Its cloak moved upward with the breeze of its motion, seeming to flutter like wings in an ocean.
  The banded plates of its armor appeared to be forged from bone.  Strips of ceremonial red and white cloth lay over the shoulders, like rivers of blood flowing over white sand.  More cloth drifted from the belt over the knees in front, and tapered  to the heals behind.   The armor covered most of the body, except for the head, where the only skin could be seen.
Skin stark white, like alabaster matched the wild but straight hair that hung from the sides of its horns, down to its neck, framing an inhuman face.  The face was masculine, but also beautiful and otherworldly, with deeper sockets and sharper angles in the jaw and cheekbones that of even an elf.

Coal black lines traced the outlines of eyes that’s were pale white, without any hint an iris or pupil, yet the intensity of their stare belied exactly where their gaze was directed.  A gaze that shattered his own penetrated his mind, laying bare his soul.  All of his sins lie exposed within their reflection.”

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