Myths & Mystics S1:EP1 Launch Date- October 31st, 2018

Hello, and welcome to your first adventure with Myths & Mystics!

We are an actual play Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons Podcast- and we are excited to post our first block of episodes available for streaming or download on iTunes!

Centuries have gone by since the Hub has brought market stability to the Legion’s vast empire. The Legion rules with an iron fist, and the Hub facilitates all forms of business and trade through the moral gray space that permeates the land. It is in this space that thieves, assassins, bounty hunters, and adventurers of all kinds have found a steady paycheck by executing on the Hub’s contracts.

We will follow three particular adventurers, Xaeryn, Vanya, and Stone, as they take on a variety of contracts in the name of gold and glory.

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