Twitch debut- January 11th

Hail, and well met!

We are excited to announce that we will be broadcasting on Twitch starting January 11th! We will 100% continue to post on iTunes and Google Play as we plan on always being a podcast first, you’ll just have another way to view the content and enjoy it with friends!

If you’re wondering, we are real people with full time jobs- podcasting and live streaming is a passion and we want to make sure that we’ve got the best product possible to put out there. That being said, live streaming weekly simply isn’t in the cards right now- nor is having a game night that frequently. So, Plan A is- wait, why am I leaking secrets?

Effectively, if you’re reading this, you’re one of the first to support the show and be a listener- THANK YOU! It means the world to us and we love reading the feedback that we’ve been receiving already! If you’re reading this, we know you care about the show, the characters, and the players that are making it happen! SO… I want to cut you in on what’s been going on.

So- our plan, as I was saying before I interrupted myself, is that we are going to have content available EVERY WEEK on Twitch… but we will only technically be live-streaming every other week. Our current commitments keep us from being able to get together weekly, so this is the plan, as it stands! We will be posting the rest of what we record on off weeks so you consistently have content to enjoy! Our goal is to have weekly content… if for some reason we are struggling to make that commitment happen, we’ll be sure to fill you in on the plan at that point. On the “off” weeks where it’s pre-recorded content, myself/whoever might be available to jump on the chat will be there to mingle!

IF YOU’RE NOT A TWITCHER… we also plan to have some info soon on where you can find it on YouTube as we will be archiving as we go! If you’re like me, I love having YouTube on in the background on the weekend so I can catch up on things while I work on other projects.

IF POSSIBLE… and this is a big “IF”… we would like to get to the point where we are releasing podcast episodes weekly. I just don’t know if it’s in the cards right now, and we’d much rather release content consistently than overpromise and I SCREW IT ALL UP.

This is an exciting time for us- and in the two short months we’ve been up, we effectively have folks tuning in from coast to coast (and France!)! We have big plans down the road- and we’ve got an exciting announcement on our debut on January 11th- be sure to tune in!

THANK YOU for listening-

THANK YOU for supporting us-

BIG STUFF coming soon-

We love ya- see you on the next adventure!


Steve Messenger